TimeWorked: Consultancy Practice Management

TimeWorked is designed for the international consultancy needing a system that will

- provide visibility on consultant activity across multiple offices
- enable consultants world wide to access and use the same Time and Expenses system
- track both chargeable and non chargeable work activity, as well as non paid leave
- track and report by assignment/work activity, employee, client, values invoiced, values invoiceable etc.
- track all invoices issued for all offices globally
- allow for a consultant from one office to ascribe time or expenses to an assignment based at another office
- generate draft and final invoices from time and expenses data entered
- implement a system cost effectively with minimum disruption, with options to interface into local accounting systems if / as required

The typical customer of TimeWorked will be a firm offering professional services, where back office systems are legacy, and need to be updated. If your company has a strong element of time and expenses that is tracked by applications ranging from FileMaker, VisualFox Pro, or even Excel worksheets, and has the requirement for a system that can be common across offices, yet still be cost effective to implement and run, then TimeWorked is the system for you. Please get in touch for an informal discussion, or to arrange a meeting and demonstration.

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