Claims Adjuster Software

TimeWorked was first developed for a firm of Insurance Loss Adjusters. As well as the general consultancy practice management modules there are the specific modules designed for Insurance Loss Adjuster use. In particular the system caters for iterative draft and final draft invoicing. The system allows invoices to be split between multiple clients - for example between the Insurer, Reinsurer, and Broker. The invoices include automatically generated summary and detailed breakdowns of time, expenses, and disbursements.

TimeWorked also allows for report tracking and reporting by assignment, and automatically generates the facing sheet for reports with all the relevant assignment details for the particular loss or claim involved.

TimeWorked tracks the relevant elements of Policy and Claim to providing the Loss Adjuster with calculated values of Sums Insured, Deductibles, Reserves, and Adjustments, as well as tracking interim payments and end balance payable.

Finally, for the Lead Loss Adjuster / Consultant, and Finance roles, the system provides live tracking of Fees invoiced, Fees Invoiceable, and Expenses Invoiced, and Expenses Invoiceable.

If you are an Insurance Loss Adjuster and would like a comprehensive solution to meet your company's practice management needs, please email to be provided with a free trial of the software.

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