Web Enabled Time and Expenses Software

For a company requiring a generic, high level, Time and Expenses system there are a large number of Software as a Service "SaaS" applications available.

The "SaaS" model works on the principle of the full set of pre defined functionality being able to fit with the business requirements.

Then there are the enterprise resource planning "ERP" applications for the larger global organisations such as Peoplesoft or SAP, or Primavera and Netsuite for the smaller organisation: all have elements of the SaaS web based model available, and are configurable to bespoke requirements. The great advantage of the ERP system is the all encompassing functionality that delivers Finance to HR to Customer Relationship management, to Supply Chain Planning, Manufacturing, Distribution etc; along with the advantage of being deployable internationally. The disadvantage is the cost: both licensing and implementation, which can be crippling.

There are also a multitude of more flexible web based Time and Expenses systems available: if your consultancy company is just based in one country, there will be a good range of options available.

However, there are not very many web based Time and Expenses Software packages that were designed for international deployment, and yet still can be deployed within the IT budget of a consultancy with a fee income of $2,500,000 to $30,000,000

TimeWorked was designed to meet the requirements of such consultancies. However it is not just Time and Expenses: contact and customer relationship management, assignment deliverables, client deliverables, finance reporting, activity reporting are included. Plus, rather than being a pure web application, i.e. running on your internet web browser, TimeWorked is a full client server application, also enabled to be accessible via the internet where-ever in the world you are located. If you are thinking of deploying a global T&E system, which also enables you to manage your global consultancy business, and want to see the speed and depth of functionality that a web based system can offer, please get in touch for a walk through of the system, either face to face, or via web conference.

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