Replacing Excel Time Sheets

If your company currently uses Excel timesheets and is looking for a system to upgrade to that is user friendly and includes in-depth functionality then TimeWorked should be considered.

Our migration process includes data validation, and importation from any source... SQL database to Filemaker, to Excel - so regardless of whether your time sheet data has stayed in Excel or was imported into your Finance system, all required historical data will become available in TimeWorked.

There will be the flexibility to include all bespoke elements of your Excel timesheets, either as part of the configuration, or as bespoke development: small requirements can added over in a matter of days, rather than weeks.

For a one minute demonstration of the TimeWorked time sheet module in action from a user perspective, please visit

For a free trial to be setup for your company please email You will receive logins to a test system that has full functionality.

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