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The Consultancy Software package required will be determined in part by the profile of the consultancy. Any system chosen must deliver to expectations, and meet the largest number of requirements, plus the cost of license purchase, implementation, and ongoing support has to be within a budget that makes sense in the context of the consultancy's fee income.

Fee income: $30 million plus

Core system would be likely a full ERP: SAP, Peoplesoft, or tier two vendor. In this context TimeWorked should only be considered as an additional module if the core system selected did not have a sufficiently web accessible global time and expenses tracking system.

Fee income: $2 to $30 million

The core market for TimeWorked. The capability of TimeWorked to deliver standardised global reporting, yet interface with local accounting systems, enables a functionally rich global consultancy management software solution without the need to replace every local office's accounting system.

Fee income: $0.5 to $2 million

Likelihood is that this is a single office company, without the need for multiple international offices to work on different projects collaboratively, and therefor would probably manage well with a local accounting system, with potentially a SAAS time and expense system, or even Excel templates. TimeWorked has the advantage of flexible hosting: internal network or owned internet server hosting, where the client company can define their security requirements, or hosted on the IBM clound. The smaller niche consultancy would be able to adapt to the fixed functionality of an existing SAAS solution, and have lower data security concerns, and not have the need for a solution that can be made to fit certain business requirements.

TimeWorked has been developed to meet the needs of a complex senior consultancy business, yet have a deployment model that is truly seamless, with minimal IT intervention involved. Prior to deciding on any new system, defining what it is that the system needs to deliver is critical. Then it is a question of selecting the system that can meet or exceed these requirements: TimeWorked is a robust solution designed to cost effectively meet the requirements of the mid sized international consultancy. Please get in touch for further information.

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