Expense Manager Software

A core deliverable of TimeWorked is a practical, easy to use, expense manager software module. It covers all the basic expense management requirements with the focus on user friendliness and ease of use. It is configured to allow for weekly expense submissions, or multi week submissions. The module is currency enabled, allowing the user to input the correct exchange rate applicable at the time of the transaction. It allows expenses to be split between client assignments - for example a flight to New York may need to be divided between two different assignments for two different clients. The module has flexibility, in that either an administrator can enter expenses on behalf of a manager, or alternatively, a user enters their own expenses.

From an accounts administration perspective, the expense manager module allows for the correct assignment of expense items in order to code to the correct expense type, and allows for corrections on expense submissions. If a correction is made to an expense submission, the user will be able to see this online. Accounts administration can also allocate centrally procured items, for example a flight purchased on a central corporate credit card can be allocated to a user and an assignment, appear on that users expense report, yet not show as refundable to that user.

These are just some of the elements of functionality of the expense manager module of TimeWorked. Please get in touch for a webinar or a meeting to get a demonstration of the functionality in depth.

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